Laine Consulting Services - The Small Business Solution


We are a group of Consultants and Entrepreneurs with a combined business background of over 100 years of experience offering a wide range of business services.  We provide project base service for start up companies and established businesses. 

We can help take your company from start up to thriving; or assist in business growth and expansion by designing systems, stream lining processes and placing controls so you can maintain profitability throughout.

Thinking of starting a new business?  Let's chat about the details to get it started.

Maybe your needs are more specific??
*Workman's compensation out of control? Let us help you put best practices in place to reduce your rates. 

*Cost of goods too high and need to capture cost in accounting system?  We can help.

*Need to position your company for a sale or need a loan? We can recast your financial statements, create a business plan and position your company to meet your goals.

*Down sizing?   Having trouble with hostel lenders or cash flow management problems?  We can help.

View our business services links to find the area we can best assist you and contact us today for your free consultation!!!

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Chico, CA