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Asset Valuation and Proof of Ownership Services
Secured lending in various forms is the mainstay of growth for many companies, allowing them to leverage their assets to support organic growth and capital investment. Our asset appraisal reports provide an accurate and clear representation of risk for clients while taking into account security arrangements, the financing method, lender risks, and exit scenarios.

Our Valuation and Proof of ownership reports are focused on accuracy and clear representation of risk. Our approach on assets starts by documenting true ownership of the asset and then provides actual auction closing information to provide our clients current market conditions for liquidaton value of the assets. This approach enables informed decisions by lenders and maximizes the potential value across a borrower’s asset base.

  • Insolvency

  • Valuation Review

  • Asset-based lending and procurement of financing
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions

  • Litigation support

  • Insurance placement and proof of loss

  • Internal property records and control

  • Overall business enterprise valuation

  • Re-structure of corporation or partnership

  • Possible purchase or sale

  • Numerous others

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