Laine Consulting Services - The Small Business Solution

Banking and Debtor Services

We take a unique look at a business by evaluating the management team, financial review, COGS and all other assets and liabilities.
New loan Services
1)     Help in qualifying potential debtors. We do this by going out to the debtors operations, evaluating their assets and financials to make sure that the equipment and financials are in good order.  We document the assets to make sure that they are not secured by other creditors and create a binder with serial and model number, pictures, liquidation value and location of the asset. 
2)     Evaluate the potential debtors facilities and financials to see if they are using best practices in their daily operations and if the business plan is sound for the use of the potential capital in which they are seeking. 
3)     We also create liquidation plans on assets to make sure; the lender has enough security in the asset should the debtor default on the loan or turn around plan. 
4)     Our Valuation and Proof of ownership reports are focused on accuracy and clear representation of risk. Our approach on assets starts by documenting true ownership of the asset and then provides actual auction closing information to provide our clients current market conditions for liquidation value of the assets. This approach enables informed decisions by lenders and maximizes the potential value across a borrower’s asset base.

Asset Recovery and Validation of Workout Plans
1)     Assist in developing a plan to recover money with the cooperation from the debtor and avoid expensive legal proceedings (corporate restructuring). 
2)     Coordinating and helping to serve, liquidating and removal of assets in writ of possessions cases or other hostile proceedings.
3)     Liquidating assets, we are usually able to find buyers to liquidate the hard to sell items such as pharmaceutical, custom made single use and have multiple buyers coming to the table to try to acquire the equipment.  We do not do this in a auction format, we call equipment buyers and end users to get you the best possible price for the recovered assets. 
4)     Secure and remove assets from the debtor’s facilities.