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Human Resource Services

Many companies need help with fundamentals and building blocks of HR.  Things like writing job descriptions, creating or revising employee manuals and creating basic processes are all things we can help you with.    Developing and implementing these tools help businesses hire and retain the best personnel possible, establish/track company measures and keep business thriving.
Below are just a few of the services we offer:

Human Resources:

  • Preparation and/or review of a written Employee Manual

  • Preparation and/or of Written Policies & Procedures

  • Review current department procedure set up and functionality

  • Human Resource Best Practices


                           -Performance management

                           -Pay Structures


  • Engagement & employee retention practices

  • Team Building

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

Cost Reduction and HR Metrics: 

  • Worker’s Comp

  • Unemployment

  • Absence rates

  • Employee Turnover

  • Training Costs

  • Employee Performance

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